Not being ready…yet desiring

Recently I passed through an interesting experience. I had been pretty single for the past 5 years by choice and also at the encouragement of some older friends of mine. They encouraged me to focus on my studies and keep my heart unattached to so many other things. However, I was still pretty curious as to what I was missing out on and also would get kinda lonely from time to time…Therefore recently I allowed myself to enter into a relationship with a great girl. However I still have two years of schooling left, therefore I didn’t feel like it was something I could carry on at the time. Because I had forgotten how much of your being is involved when in a relationship, it was helpful to receiver a refresher. My intent honestly was to continue dating this wonderful girl and see what happened down the line. But honestly I felt as if we both deserved more. I wasn’t 100% available due to school, work and other extracurricular activities; not to mention we live about 4hrs away each other. Our heart was to make it work though, as we were willing to spend our weekends together by traversing the the distance in between one another. It just didn’t feel right though. As aforementioned, I really feel like I have a lot of love to offer but now just wasn’t the time. We both deserve to be in a committed relationship in which building and growth can take place between one other.  Our current situations just aren’t conducive to that.

Anyways 🙂 The moral of the story is that life is great and full of helpful experiences. I hope that you all are well 🙂