[Delighting in blessing]

Psalm 109:17b “…And he took no delight in blessing, so it was far from him.”


This verse saddens my heart! It really speaks to what I would now consider to be a heart in an improper condition before the Lord. As a Christian of now 5 years, I could say that my evaluation of things definitely has changed. Things that didn’t used to be important to me are now important and vice versa. Honestly, my top goal is to live in peace with God and have His smile. To some that may be absurd and not make any sense. To that person I would kindly reply, “to each his own”, but then encourage them not to “knock it till they’ve tried it”. My current scale of evaluation can be likened to the interest one has in drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana. For some those habits are absurd and make no sense while to others, it is the norm.

Anyways, this verse speaks about one not delighting in blessing. What is the greatest blessing anyone could receive? Whether we all have realized it yet or not, gaining more God and knowing Him more is the greatest blessing we could ask of Him; for with God rest the wealth of  world. As I consider this person being talked about in this verse I am reminded of myself before I came to the Lord. I just didn’t really care for the things of God. I preferred to be distracted with the things of the world which offered satisfaction to my superficial needs. Therefore, I really didn’t know the blessing of God as I now know it. These days, by His mercy, I can say that I generally have a heart that delights in blessing. Meaning, it is important to me, I evaluate it to be of a very high value.

With that valuation in place, I seek God that my life is lined up in such a way as to remain in His blessing (the gaining and enjoying of His very self ). Anything that would detract me from the blessing has to be dealt with and isn’t tolerated. I’ve enjoyed the blessing and consider it to be very precious, therefore, by His mercy, it generally is not far from me.

This sort of experience is not unique to myself. I know that it is common among God’s people and would love to hear of such things below in the comments.

As always, be blessed and may the love and peace of God lead you to life.




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